Buddy Brew x Modbar at SCAA!

What a week! We just returned from one of the largest Buddy Brew events in our history! We teamed up with Modbar to set up an awesome Pop-up booth right outside the lectures at SCAA. Modbar is an innovative espresso machine company doing some ground breaking stuff! We will be featuring Modbar at our new location in Hyde Park Village (coming really soon, we promise).

For those of you who do not know, the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) trade show is the largest of it’s kind in the specialty coffee industry. They strive to connect everyone in the coffee industry, be it roasters with farmers, farmers with importers, coffee shops with roasters, and so much more. It is one of the few times where all of the brilliant minds in coffee get together and teach each other everything they know. They provide some amazing tools, classes, and training to help keep the specialty coffee world expanding and striving for perfection.

Some of the biggest names in coffee were out at the SCAA trade show and so was Buddy Brew. In the past we have teamed up with La Marzocco to be the featured coffee at their booth. This year we decided to mix it up and set up our own booth. With the help of an amazing artist named Ron Francis, who happens to be our dear friend and long time loyal customer, we were able to set up an amazingly unique booth. He built us an entire booth from scratch and even came up to Atlanta to help us set it up! People were drawn from all over the trade show, to see our phenomenal booth, to try our coffee and to get one of our AWESOME Special Edition Large Tote Bags.

Overall, it was an amazing experience. Buddy Brew would be nothing without our exceptional team. A special thanks goes to Josh (training manager), Max(Oxford Exchange Manager), Phil (Head Roaster), Jay(Wholesale Sales Representative), and Tess(Marketing Team) for doing an amazing job setting everything up and running this show. Buddy Brew went to SCAA to make a splash and we made a tidal wave! Only time will tell, but we had an amazing performance on a national stage and we can’t wait to provide Buddy Brew to the whole country, and then the whole world!